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What is diabetic footwear and how it helps diabetic patients?

11 Sep 2023

Diabetic footwear and its benefits for patients with diabetes and foot complications.

Foot health is essential, especially for individuals living with diabetes. Diabetes can lead to various foot-related complications, making it necessary to wear appropriate footwear. Diabetic footwear is specifically designed to give comfort, support, and protection to people with diabetes. In this article, we will explore the key features and advantages of diabetic footwear.

Diabetic footwear and its benefits for patients with diabetes foot complications - Orthoryte

Diabetic Footwears and regular footwear are different in many ways, primarily in their design and features. The key differences are as follows:

Fit and Size:

Diabetic Slippers are generally available in a wide range of sizes to help sugar patients with foot deformities or irregularities. They give a comfortable fit to prevent burning, pressure points, and blisters.

Deep Depth:

Footwear for diabetic patients usually has Deep depth in the toe box area, which is done to avoid pressure on the toe and gives ample space for toe movement reducing the risk of foot ulcers or other complications.

Seamless Interior:

Diabetic footwear is constructed with a  soft interior lining to minimize friction against the skin. This will help in reducing the formation of blisters or sores.

Cushioning and Shock Absorption:

Diabetic slippers for ladies and gents typically have enhanced cushioning and shock absorption properties which give additional support, reduce pressure on the feet, and offer better shock absorption during walking or daily activities.

Custom Ortho Options:

People with diabetes may experience foot swelling where they need to wear custom orthotic slippers. Diabetic footwears often come in wider width options to adjust these conditions and ensure a more comfortable fitting.

Ortho diabetic footwear is Lightweight and has extra cushioning soles that facilitate mobility and stability and reduce impacts on the foot.

Advantages of Diabetic Footwear:

1) Better mobility.
2) Promote Blood Circulation.
3) Comes with extra cushioning which prevents blisters and sores.
4) Better Shock absorption and comfort.
5) Promotes better help in both men and women sugar patients.

It's important to note that diabetic footwear is specifically designed for individuals with diabetes who may have foot-related difficulties. They are intended to promote foot health, reduce the risk of ulcers, and provide optimal comfort and support. If you have diabetes, it's advisable to consult with a certified healthcare professional who can assess your specific needs and recommend appropriate footwear options.