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MCR Footwear | Diabetic footwear for women | Women's Extra Soft and comfortable Ortho care Orthopaedic Diabetic Flip Flop Slippers

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Product details

Women's Orthopedic Footwear: Designed exclusively for women, these chappals address your specific orthopedic needs while catering to your fashion preferences.

Elderly and Pregnant Women Slippers: Our chappals are not limited by age; they embrace the elderly and pregnant women, providing them the support and comfort they deserve.

Skin-Friendly Medical Chappals: Bid farewell to discomfort with our skin-friendly chappals. Blisters and scars are kept at bay, while the gentle touch of the chappals cares for your feet.

Doctor Recommended Orthopedic Slippers: Endorsed by medical professionals, our chappals are the go-to choice for orthopedic issues. Trust in the expertise of doctors for your foot care.

Heel Pain Relief Flip Flops: Say goodbye to troublesome heel pain. Our flip flops are engineered to provide targeted relief, ensuring each step is a step towards comfort.

Foot Deformity Support Chappals: Embrace foot deformity with confidence, as our chappals offer the necessary support. Walk gracefully, knowing your chappals have your back.

Diabetic Foot Pain Relief: Diabetic foot pain can now be a thing of the past. Step into a world of relief and care with our specialized chappals.

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